Why Massage and Chiropractic Go Well Together


Within the world of bodily therapy, there are several distinct disciplines that might help patients with varying conditions or symptoms find relief. Some who haven’t received these services may think chiropractic care and massage therapy are the same thing, for instance – this is not the case in reality.

At Apollo Chiropractic, we can provide all these services and more, whether you deal with back pain, neck pain, joint pain or a number of other physical ailments. In many cases, we actually recommend complementing certain treatments of ours with others to get an increase comprehensive effect – there’s no requirement that you can only do one at a time, and compartmentalizing things can limit your treatment options. Massage therapy and chiropractic care are a great example of complementary services that work well together; let’s look at why this is the case, starting with what each area deals with individually.


Chiropractic Care


When we talk about chiropractic care, we’re really referring to a variety of adjustments that reduce the misalignments in your joints throughout the body, particularly in the spine. These misalignments are also called joint restrictions, and they can cause inflammation, pain, functional issues, and even issues with the body’s nervous system in some cases.


Using gentle pressure and low amounts of force, chiropractic treatments look to correct these restrictions and help reverse their symptoms. These treatments are done in a controlled environment, and allow many patients to feel relief virtually immediately after an adjustment. Over a period of time, these services can get to the root of these kinds of issues.


Massage Therapy


Massage therapy, on the other hand, works to target muscles and tendons in the body rather than joints. A massage therapists manipulates these tendons and muscles to help relieve various forms of inflammation or pain that might be impacting them.


How They Combine


Chiropractic care and massage therapy are both fantastic services on their own, but they become even more powerful when combined with each other. Massage therapy is able to loosen and relax the muscles and tendons in the body, and this naturally makes chiropractic care both easier to apply and more impactful – this, in turn, means relief will last longer with each treatment.


The flip side here is true as well: Soft tissues heal more quickly after massage therapy if their underlying joints are properly aligned, and this is exactly what chiropractic care accomplishes. The combination also increases bodily function and communication through nervous system restriction reductions. People who use both services will often note better flexibility, improved circulation and blood flow, improved range of motion, and faster healing for standard aches and pains.


For more on why chiropractic care and massage therapy go well together, or for information on any of our physical therapy treatments, speak to the pros at Apollo Chiropractic today.