Why Diabetes Patients Use Chiropractors

For people who have it, diabetes is one of the most invasive and life-altering diseases out there. It can affect everything from energy levels to several vital aspects of health, and can cause life-threatening complications in some serious cases.

It’s not natural to think about chiropractic care in the same realm as a disease like diabetes, which relates mostly to blood sugar levels and the pancreas, but there’s much more of a connection between the two than you might think. At Apollo Chiropractic, we offer specific chiropractic treatments to diabetes patients which have helped many people manage or prevent symptoms. Let’s look at how massage therapy and chiropractic treatments can affect diabetes, and a few treatments that are available.

Central Nervous System

While diabetes has typically been linked mostly to the pancreas and levels of blood sugar content in the body, there’s been evidence emerging in recent years that diabetes is more than just an endocrine or autoimmune issue – that it might be linked to functions in the central nervous system.

This research remains ongoing, but it suggests that some of the key nerves supplied to the pancreas are generated from the middle of the back and the upper neck. If these nerves fail in any of their tasks, it can affect pancreatic function, and therefore can result in the sort of insulin issues we commonly see in diabetes.

Preventive Elements

Because chiropractors focus in part on restoring and maintaining function of the central nervous system, this can be a great tool for preventing early onset of diabetes, or preventing symptoms from growing worse. The nerves to the pancreas can be strongly affected by misalignments in the spine, and correct adjustments may cause them to improve pancreatic function overall. In addition, the central nervous system affects more than just diabetes within the body – keeping it healthy promotes health in other areas, as well.


For current diabetes patients, regular chiropractic visits can help fight the progression of the disease and maintain your body’s overall stability. There’s not yet any concrete evidence that chiropractic care can cure or reverse diabetes, but it’s been shown to help reduce symptoms and increase comfort. Your chiropractor can also help you with exercise programs and other outside elements involved in diabetic care.

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