Chronic Pain Remedy

What Causes Chronic Pain?


suffering from back pain


Chronic pain is pain that lasts for several weeks, months, and in some cases years. Some types of chronic pain occur even when specific causes are not apparent, including pain syndromes that cause pain when the nervous system becomes hypersensitized to even minor stimulation. Chronic pain can be caused by many issues, including progressive diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, surgery, pain syndromes, like fibromyalgia and chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), acute and chronic illnesses, work and lifestyle habits, repetitive stress, strains and sprains, overuse injuries, and many other injuries, diseases, and conditions.


How Do the Providers at Apollo Chiropractic treat chronic pain?


The healthcare providers at Apollo Chiropractic are dedicated to providing an alternative to narcotics and surgery. They use a variety of treatments to first identify the cause of a patient’s pain and then not only provide relief of the pain but also treat the underlying condition responsible for the discomfort. The treatments may include bracing, trigger point injections, chiropractic adjustments and care, rehab, neuro-stimulation, electronic stimulation, and more depending on the needs of the patient. The ultimate goal of treatment is to provide relief and to help the patient get back to normal activities.


Will I Need Surgery?


In most cases, chronic pain does not require surgery, although there are some conditions that may require it. The team at Apollo Chiropractic will help you to find pain relief without surgery. They believe that through attentive and personalized care that is tailored to address not only the discomfort being experienced but also to repair the injury or condition responsible for the pain, that in most cases patients can find relief and healing, returning to normal activities. The providers also treat chronic pain without the use of narcotics. Too many people are suffering with addiction to painkillers who could have been effectively treated with customized chiropractic care and alternative treatments. The providers at Apollo Chiropractic will work with patients to address conditions including fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy as well as muscle aches, back pain, and other chronic conditions. If you are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for a non-surgical solution, make an appointment at Apollo Chiropractic today.