Rehabilitation can be for anything from a minor strain or pull to a major, debilitating injury, and at Apollo Chiropractic, we’re here to make every step of the process easier and less painful for you. No matter what your injury, our team of providers will get you back on your feet with no pain symptoms so you can get back to enjoying movement.

Our services range through multiple areas, depending on your specific injury and the nature of its recovery.

Through our functional exam we will identify muscle groups and muscle patterning that has been turned off or inhibited. Patients can expect to play an active role in their own recovery and will have the opportunity to invest in their own outcomes. We will work together to rehabilitate any ineffective muscle patterns so they will function as they were intended. This will naturally resist future injury due to regenerated stability and performance.

Massage Therapy

Much of rehabilitation involves the soothing and regeneration of the affected areas, and our massage therapists are second to none in providing the perfect, specialized care you need. After a brief examination centered around identifying the muscle patterns which have been inhibited, our providers will get to work using a combination of pressure and nerve stimulation to organically promote healing.

Chiropractic Adjustments

For many people, specific adjustments will be the key to fine-tuning the body’s healing processes. It’s often one smaller issue that’s holding up pain relief in areas that are generally rehabbing in healthy ways – things like pinched nerves, muscle strains or an imbalance in the spine or nervous system might be acting as a roadblock to the relief you need.

Our providers will locate the source and work to clear it, plus make adjustments that promote future health and no further injuries due to compensation elsewhere in the body. For certain patients who qualify and would benefit, we also offer spinal decompression therapy.

Coaching and Habits

Most importantly for many people, our providers will help train you on the daily exercise habits you need to prevent the recurrence of any serious injury. Everything from posture to warm ups and cool downs will be covered, and proper stretching techniques are emphasized. This promotes flexibility and general muscle health, which will trickle down to several areas and prevent the kinds of movements that lead to injury.

Your body has natural healing processes, but we’re here to turbocharge them at Apollo Chiropractic. Call us today at (801) 447-2446 to schedule an appointment and find out how our rehabilitation services can get you back into the game.