Physical Therapy

When Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

The goal of physical therapy is to help ensure everyday living is made easier. Daily tasks should become simpler to achieve, and regular activities should remain routine without the added stress of discomfort or additional challenges. Physical therapy is recommended when day-to-day functions start to become limited by pain or an injury. Physical therapy helps to regain function and restore a certain level of fitness for a certain area or the body overall.

Physical therapy can also help you recover from certain surgeries and may be recommended alone or in conjunction with other types of treatments. Sometimes physical therapy is an effective choice to help battle long-term health conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or arthritis.

What Does Physical Therapy Involve at our Salt Lake City Location?

Elderly in a physical therapy sessionPhysical therapy most commonly involves an exercise plan that can be done during office visits and at home. It can include stretches, weight lifting, walking and core exercises, but an exercise of some sort will almost always be included in the treatment plan. Because the goal of physical therapy is to help restore movement in the joints and muscles, exercise helps to regain strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Consequently, achieving daily tasks will become easier ensuring a better quality of life.

A physical therapy session may begin or end with stretching or massages in the effort to help prepare and condition the muscles or joints for treatment. By focusing on a certain area, the treatment plan can reach its maximum potential in restoring functionality after an injury.

  • Other types of physical therapy may involve:
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Temperature controlled treatments with heat or ice
  • Water exercises

Does Physical Therapy Hurt?

It is completely normal to experience mild swelling or temporary soreness after a physical therapy session. It should be expected when pushing and encouraging joints or muscles to regain their strength. However, if the soreness or swelling doesn’t seem to be going away or you’re concerned with the level of pain you’re in, make an appointment with the team at Apollo Chiropractic as soon as possible.