Relaxation Techniques for Daily Life

At Apollo Chiropractic, one of the primary aims of our chiropractic and massage therapy services is relaxation. Whether you’re recovering from an injury like whiplash or just looking to get properly aligned and be more comfortable on a daily basis, we can help you relax and allow our techniques to take hold.

What about outside our offices? Everyone needs to relax now and then for a variety of reasons, and this shouldn’t be limited to a chiropractic appointment. With that in mind, here are a few tips we can offer on relaxation techniques that can be performed absolutely anywhere.



One of the strongest ways to achieve relaxation, both of the body and mind, is to engage in breathing exercises. There’s no single breathing exercise you have to learn here – there are several out there that can be enormously beneficial, including some meant to relieve tension in specific areas of the body.

These exercises can be done just about anywhere as long as you have the space to focus on yourself and your breathing. Consider the exercises you like most, and try out a few different ones as you get started to see which has the best relaxation effect.



You should also be doing regular stretching exercises, which at times can be combined with breathing exercises. Stretching is a primary combatant against muscle tension, helping with everything from basic aches all the way to chronic pain and even mental health areas.

Once again, there are numerous options available to you here. Consider the stretches that work best for you, plus that fit with the times you have available to stretch and the space you have open to you. If you’re someone who develops pain due to sitting or standing for a long period at work, you can also consider ergonomic office furniture to help here.



One of the primary effects of massage is the way it improves blood circulation, which brings nutrients the body needs at quicker rates. It also helps relieve tension in muscles, which is great for people dealing with pain issues. It’s also known to benefit major psychological areas like stress, depression, sleep and overall life quality.

There are home massage techniques you can get into, particularly if you have a partner available. But there are even self-massaging techniques out there as well, plus therapeutic devices like massage balls or foot massagers.



Many people use meditation or visualization techniques to relax when going to sleep, and this same theme can be applied throughout the day. Find ways to let your stresses slip from your mind, often combined with breathing exercises to help regulate things.



Short for progressive muscle relaxation, PMR is nearly a century old at this point. It’s a non-pharmacological method of relaxation based on reducing the thoughts that provoke muscle tension, and it can have effects on not only pain, but also on conditions like headaches, anxiety and others.


For more on various relaxation techniques, or to learn about any of our massage therapy or chiropractor treatments, speak to the staff at Apollo Chiropractic today.