Preventing Back Pain Surrounding Pregnancy


For expecting or new mothers, back pain can be a simple reality. Both during pregnancy and even for months after birth, mothers who have undergone significant physical changes as part of pregnancy often deal with aches, pains and other back issues.


At Apollo Chiropractic, we’re here to help. Our chiropractic care services include many helpful areas for currently or recently pregnant women. Here are some basic home tips for warding off back pain immediately after pregnancy.


When Lifting the Baby


When lifting your baby, always be sure to lift with your legs primarily. Bend from the knees, squat down low, tighten the core, and then get your primary thrust from the legs – do not attempt to lift from the back or hips.


Down similar lines, take the proper arm posturing as well. Bring your baby in close to your chest rather than stretching your arms out fully, which can place pressure on the back. While you’re holding the baby, avoid any major twisting motions.


When Feeding the Baby


  • If you’re breastfeeding, don’t bend over the baby. Rather, bring the baby to your breast. If needed, put a pillow or two on your lap for more support here.
  • Sit in an upright chair or position rather than a soft couch.
  • Remove the tray when taking the baby out of a high chair.


While Exercising


  • Make sure you’re cleared for various types of exercise by your obstetrician, and discuss the activities you are safe to participate in.
  • Begin by restoring hip and back flexibility using light stretching or yoga exercises.
  • Look for ways to strengthen the core muscles, particularly if you had a C-section birth.


Care and Travel for Baby


  • When walking with the baby, use a front pack if possible.
  • When placing a child in a car seat, kneel on the back seat as you do so rather than standing outside the car and placing them inside.
  • Avoid carrying children on your hip, as this can strain back muscles.
  • Don’t carry your infant in the car seat itself – instead, fasten the seat into the car and carry the baby separately.


For more on preventing back pain after pregnancy, or to learn about how our chiropractor and chiropractic treatments can help, speak to the pros at Apollo Chiropractic today.