Seasoned Chiropractors in Midvale, Utah

Enjoy our city’s walkable streets once more with help from Apollo Chiropractic.

Our highly skilled and approachable chiropractors will help manage your pain and discomfort, so you can walk around Midvale, Utah, with ease again. We’ve helped many patients recover from accident injuries or musculoskeletal conditions. Rest assured you will get the same excellent medical attention from our team.

Our city is known for its shopping hubs, entertainment centers and restaurants. We’ll help you make the most of them by managing your pain. Get in touch to learn more.

A Full Range of Chiropractic Services

Our chiropractic team treats patients ages 5 and above who experience significant physical trauma from auto or sports injuries. We also accommodate patients with musculoskeletal conditions, headaches, migraines, concussions, herniated discs and chronic pain.

Through our chiropractic adjustments (such as corrective exercises and massage therapies), we see to it that your spine functions properly, which enables the rest of your nerves, muscles and organs to work properly as well. These techniques also decrease your pain, discomfort and stress, giving you a better quality of life.

You don’t have to seek care from different chiropractors if your condition requires more than one chiropractic technique; our Midvale clinic offers all these.

  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Flexion-Distraction Technique
  • Activator Technique
  • Drop Table Technique
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Kineseo Taping
  • Electrical Simulation
  • Therapeutic Exercises

Extensive Chiropractic Care

Our clinic in Midvale, Utah, offers the latest in chiropractic technologies to help you recover from your injuries or cope with your condition.

  • We Keep Abreast of New Developments. Our chiropractic practitioners stay updated on industry changes to improve our techniques. Our treatments are based on scientific evidence and rigorous study.
  • We Tailor Treatments to Your Condition. Even though patients can have similar injuries, their medical history and biological characteristics make a difference in determining the right treatment. We recommend treatments tailored to your unique case.
  • We Recommend Lifestyle Changes. Our medical care goes beyond spinal health. To fast-track your recovery, we may recommend modifications in your diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Highest Level of Patient Care

We genuinely care about our patients and we’re determined to help you on your road to recovery.

Our chiropractors’ mission is to improve your chiropractic health, so you can enjoy what life in Midvale offers. We want you to spend your leisure time walking around the city’s expansive parks, looking for the next top diner or exploring week-long festivals. Run errands with ease again, and make the most of Utah’s skiing resorts.

  • Approachable Medical Team — Our doctors explain your condition and treatment to you in detail. If you have any questions, our chiropractors are happy to answer them.
  • Advanced and Inviting Facilities — We create a safe and inviting atmosphere to put our patients at ease. Moreover, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment to help us execute and monitor chiropractic care.
  • Network of Professionals Our team coordinates with insurance providers and legal professionals to help you manage your health care needs.