Managing and Preventing Overuse Injuries

At Apollo Chiropractic, some of our top services include the management of chronic pain. There are several types of chronic pain that may take place for a variety of reasons, and our chiropractic and pain management therapy services can help you manage and even eliminate these conditions.


One of the most common basic causes of chronic and general pain? Overuse injuries, which can take place in more circumstances than you may have thought and could contribute significantly to your pain. Here are some simple areas on managing and even preventing overuse injuries.


Overuse Injury Basics


A big mistake with overuse injuries comes in assuming they can only take place in high-intensity sports or exercises. This couldn’t be further from the truth – you can be at risk for an overuse injury even if you never go near such activities. They can be obtained from something as simple as typing or walking; anything that serves as a repeated motion and may stress joints or muscles could qualify. Many people sustain overuse injuries without thinking they’re even at risk for them.


Getting to the Root


To properly treat and limit overuse injuries, the vital first step is identifying what’s causing them. This is usually simple, as it involves figuring out the kinds of high-strain or high-stress motions you do regularly in your life, whether during activity or otherwise.


Creating Exercise Balance


Once you’ve identified the important areas, it’s important to work on balancing out workouts and load management. This begins with stretching, which helps loosen and strengthen muscles that might be weak due to overuse.


It continues during actual exercise, as well. Cross-training, or working various muscle group and bodily areas regularly, is a huge factor in keeping things balanced and avoiding stressing one area too much. For those who are already into cross-training, consider something like yoga to even further help your flexibility and lower your muscle tension.


Rest and Management


Part of avoiding overuse is creating a strong core, but some people overdo this area and end up making things worse. Rest and pain management are also important – the body needs at least one day of rest per week to recover. In addition, regular chiropractic adjustments and other forms of massage therapy are great complements to basic ice and heat to help manage inflammation and any recurring pain.


For more on managing and even eliminating overuse injuries, or for any of our chiropractic or pain management services, speak to the pros at Apollo Chiropractic today.