Keeping the Neck and Spine Healthy in the Workplace

While there are numerous benefits associated with chiropractic care and adjustments, one near the top of any list is the versatility of these services. Chiropractic care is valuable for everything from basic pain management to auto accident recovery and physical therapy areas, helping balance the spine and align the entire nervous system for multiple comfort benefits.

At Apollo Chiropractic, we’re proud to provide all these benefits and more with our chiropractic treatments. A common group of people we’re happy to assist regularly with remaining comfortable and properly-aligned during daily life: Those who work in an office setting and are often sedentary for up to eight hours a day, a practice that can lead to spine and neck issues due to posture and other concerns. We also offer basic expertise and suggestions to those in these kinds of jobs – here are a few important factors to think about when setting up your workspace.

neck spine healthy workplace

Screen Height Considerations

Most of us who work in an office setting these days do so with a screen somewhere in front of us, usually a desktop computer or laptop. If you’re part of this group, we have one major suggestion: Try your best to keep the screen roughly at eye level whenever possible.

This is to ensure you don’t have to strain or bend your neck regularly during the work day, which can lead to neck and shoulder issues over long periods of time. If you have a laptop that sits too low for this, use a laptop stand or some stacked-up books to get it to the proper height. If you use a desktop monitor that isn’t adjustable, you may have to consider your chair height, which we’ll get into in our upcoming section.

Chair Choice

From the height of the chair to several other factors, this might be the single most important item in the office for maintaining good posture and proper spinal alignment. For starters, the chair should be comfortable – if you’re sitting in pain regularly, you can expect this to continue outside the office as well.

From here, consider factors like arm support, adjustable height and whether the chair swivels. If you have a laptop screen that requires a certain chair height, ensure the option you’re purchasing can hold at this height with no issues. In addition, regardless of the chair you purchase, be sure to get up and stretch or move around at least once an hour.

Desk Options

Finally, modern desks offer far greater versatility when it comes to ergonomics and body posturing than you would have found in previous generations. There are combination sitting-standing desks that allow you to rotate between positions, keeping pressure off your back and helping with posture. If one of these desks isn’t a realistic purchase for you, do your best to vary sitting and standing throughout the day on your own.

For more on how workplace setup can impact spinal and neck posture, or to learn about any of our physical therapy or chiropractic services, speak to the staff at Apollo Chiropractic today.