How Effective is Spinal Adjustment Therapy?

spinal adjustmentChiropractors use a technique known as spinal adjustment to treat neck pains and backaches. The treatment involves moving the joints, along with massages, exercises, and therapy, to relieve pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function.

While some have questioned whether this is, in fact, effective for addressing health problems, many chiropractors can tell you that it has had a considerable impact as an alternative to traditional treatments. In fact, this therapy has centuries of experience to prove it.

An Ancient Concept

People have been practicing spinal adjustment in Greece since 1500 B.C. Hippocrates, who is known as the “founding father” of medicine, even mentioned it in his writings. Chinese medical practitioners have also made some references to manipulating the spine and legs to ease back pains, and folk healers or bonesetters also used this method to heal patients. The practice has continued for more than 500 years, despite some detractors.

Modern spinal adjustment techniques appeared in America in the 1800s when Dr. Andrew Taylor used this method to correct body imbalances and restore health. This earned him a title as Father of Modern Osteopathy. Daniel David Palmer’s theory that diseases were caused by spinal misalignments that block the body’s healing power in the nervous system became the foundation of chiropractic medicine.

Modern-Day Applications

Spinal adjustment therapy continues to make significant medical and healing contributions to this day. Studies show that spinal adjustment is moderately effective in chronic acute low back pain that usually lasts for four or more weeks. This therapy also contributes to an easier pregnancy and safer birth. Chiropractors ease the back pains that expectant mothers experience. They also realign their bones to position them in such a way that their babies will come out without issues. This natural treatment prevents side effects that come from taking regular medicines.

Apollo Chiropractic has an array of spine adjustment techniques for people who have sports and auto injuries, as well as, nagging aches in the head, neck, and back. Our experienced chiropractors offer a new sense of balance and wellness by revolutionizing the way people receive healthcare. Contact us for more information on our treatments.