How Chiropractic Service Benefits Seniors

For seniors or people approaching senior age, pain relief can be a constant desire. Our bodies have a harder time keeping up with daily wear and tear as we age, and corresponding pain and discomfort is only too common.

We provide chiropractic care for people of all ages at Apollo Chiropractic, and our services can be of particular benefit for the elderly in several areas. Let’s take a look at how chiropractic treatment might benefit you or another aging loved one.

Pain Relief

Back and shoulder pain are incredibly common among seniors, and chiropractic care is one of the most effective – and safest – ways to help relieve it. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications may mask pain for periods of time, but they aren’t long term solutions like chiropractic services often can be. Additionally, a chiropractor doesn’t open seniors up to issues like medication dependency or large related expenses.

Motion and Coordination

Not only can chiropractic care increase range of motion in the neck and spine, it has shown the ability to do so in other extremities as well. This may allow many seniors to complete tasks they were previously unable to – often immediately after seeing a chiropractor, with no delay.

In addition, balance and coordination are big aging issues that can be combatted. Many of these balance problems have been traced back to degenerative issues in the back, but chiropractic care can help stabilize many of these issues by getting to the root of the balance issues.

Joint Health

The spine is a series of joints, and a spine that’s badly aligned will begin to wear down all its elements – these joints included – over time. Chiropractic treatment helps align the spine and reduce stress to joints, which can be a major boon for people dealing with these issues at an advanced age.

Overall Well-Being

It may not necessarily be quantifiable, but the way seniors feel is a vital consideration as the aging process continues. Feeling energetic and healthy every day goes a long way for many people, and a visit to the chiropractor is a great way to bring on those feelings while also making practical and useful bodily adjustments. Regular chiropractic care can lead to major increases in quality of life.

Want to learn more about this or any of our other massage therapy or chiropractic services? Our professional staff at Apollo Chiropractic is standing by.