How Chiropractic Care Benefits the Elderly

For those who utilize it, chiropractic care is a vital service for overall body health and wellness, from spinal function and mobility to nervous system health and increased energy. A huge variety of different patients can benefit from chiropractic care, including one particular group we want to highlight here: Elderly individuals.

At Apollo Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer chiropractic services for a wide range of patients, including seniors or any older adults beginning to struggle with chronic pain, movement issues or other related concerns. Today’s blog will go over the additional stress an older adult’s body often faces, plus how chiropractic care can benefit such people in several distinct areas.
chiropractic care benefits elderly

Seniors and Bodily Stress

Unfortunately, it’s a simple reality that the older we get, the more likely we are to have issues like spinal discomfort, joint or disc degeneration and increased pain symptoms. This is because the joints, bones and muscles in our body have been put under decades of cumulative stress, which builds up with each passing year and can weaken several areas.

As certain muscle groups, bones or joint areas become weaker, they not only exhibit pain but may also lead to increased imbalances in other areas. This can become something of a vicious cycle, with one pain symptom giving way to another, and so on. This is where many older adults can benefit from chiropractic care that will help keep the body in alignment and limit this stress wherever possible.

Gentle Chiropractic Care

Because of the facts we just noted about weaker and more brittle bodies as we age, our chiropractors take great care when serving older individuals. Not only are joints and bones potentially weaker, but so are arteries, nerves, veins and other important areas – and we’ll take care to be very gentle here.

Through our services, which are performed in coordination with any care contradictions or previous spinal issues, we’ll help re-align the spine and other bodily areas. We will often utilize instruments for senior treatment, as these can be gentler and more effective than manual treatments in many cases. Our services not only help with pain management, but also help ward off the potential for certain conditions.

Beneficial Areas

Some of the specific benefits our chiropractic services offer to the elderly include:

  • Pain relief and pain management
  • Increased joint and disc function through limitation of degeneration
  • Increased immune system function through balancing and spinal alignment
  • Increased range of motion and movement capability, particularly for those who have struggled with mobility issues due to spinal concerns.

For more on the kinds of care we can provide to seniors and the benefits many elderly people receive from chiropractic care, or to learn about any of our physical therapy or massage services, speak to the staff at Apollo Chiropractic today.