Chiropractic Care Benefits for Adolescents with Scoliosis

There are a few physical conditions that tend to impact certain groups far more than others, and one example of this within the spine is scoliosis. Generally impacting children and adolescents, scoliosis is a condition that refers to an improper curvature of the spine, one that may cause several potential issues.

At Apollo Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer chiropractic care for a number of pain conditions or symptoms, from car accidents and whiplash treatment to expert chiropractic services targeted at a number of other possible conditions. What is scoliosis, how can you tell if it’s impacting you or your child, and what are some of the areas where a chiropractor will help? Let’s go over a quick primer.

chiropractic benefits adolescents scoliosis

Scoliosis Basics and Effects

As we noted above, scoliosis refers to a sideways curvature of the spine. It’s most commonly seen in children and teens just before they hit their pre-puberty growth spurt, and impacts roughly 3% of adolescents in this age range. In certain cases, conditions like muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy may cause scoliosis; in others, there is no known cause.

Luckily, many of these cases are minor and will resolve on their own over time, or with minor treatment. However, some other cases will be more severe, leading to significant spinal deformities with age and even causing disability if not treated. In the worst cases, the spine’s abnormal curve can lead to breathing issues due to impact on chest space, and children with these issues may need to wear a brace or even get surgery.

Common Symptoms

How can you tell if your child is experiencing scoliosis rather than other common growing pains? A few general signs:

  • Uneven shoulders, or one shoulder blade that’s more prominent or noticeable than the other
  • One hip is noticeably higher than the other
  • The waist is significantly uneven
  • For severe cases: The spine will rotate or twist on top of curving, leading to ribs protruding from one side of the body much further than the other

Chiropractic Benefits

For starters, we want to be clear: Severe cases of scoliosis require medical attention from a family doctor, including regular X-rays and possible braces or other treatments. However, chiropractic care is often a fantastic complement to this care, including for minor cases.

Chiropractic care is both safe and non-invasive, allowing for a professional chiropractor to target gentle adjustments to various areas of the spine. These reduce joint and muscle restrictions while helping align the spine, a major area of interest for those with scoliosis symptoms. Over time, scoliosis patients who receive chiropractic care tend to notice less pain and discomfort, improved flexibility, less inflammation and the ability to perform more normal activities with a wider range of motion. While there is no technical “cure” for scoliosis, this kind of treatment goes a long way toward limiting its symptoms.

For more on scoliosis and how chiropractic treatment helps limit symptoms, or to learn about any of our chiropractic services, speak to the staff at Apollo Chiropractic today.